what about the coach bag?

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04-04-2005 21:46:36

I'm nervously reading here that a bunch of people aren't receiving their handbags after ordering them. It seems like mostly the people who are having these problems ordered the Fendi. I really want to order the Coach, but do you know if anyone is having complicatons with it?



05-04-2005 06:15:08

The problems seem to be with the Louis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi bags. Those who got the LV & Dior received $250 checks.

Coach bag orders will receive a $250 Coach.com gift certificate! Don't worry, just don't order the Fendi! Or if you rather get $250 cash order the LV or Dior.


05-04-2005 07:30:46

[quotedb758c0107] Just don't order the Fendi!"[/quotedb758c0107]

The best advice I can give you as well)


05-04-2005 10:53:42

[quote74829dfae2="Phbs83"][quote74829dfae2] Just don't order the Fendi!"[/quote74829dfae2]

The best advice I can give you as well)[/quote74829dfae2]

phbs....you get any word from them on your order? I am getting nothing


05-04-2005 13:18:44

I opened a new ticket yesterday...No answer yet


05-04-2005 14:34:39

I opened a new ticket yesterday...No answer yet[/quote8cf55f7b45]

same here....going to fax all my service tickets to them tomorrow, then send it certified mail


05-04-2005 19:45:41

thanks so much for the answers everyone! )