vendor/shipper for xbox?

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04-04-2005 20:53:59

Hey. My order was shipped on 3/16, but it didn't come with any tracking information. Anyone know which company ships the xbox and who the vendor is? Also, about how long are xboxes in transit for after they've been shipped?


04-04-2005 21:01:34

Its a farce.


04-04-2005 21:32:23

Jake, you need to read some of the other threads... This has been discussed and many theories suggested. The basic info is that no one was shipped on that date and we are still in the dark as to what is going on.


04-04-2005 21:41:35

Yeah, I tried reading back on some of the older threads, but there was nothing but petty bickering and name calling. That's why I posted this thread, to see if there is any real information on the subject, even something as little as who the vendor is or what company they used to ship it.

On another note, I wouldn't be too worried. I ordered a video game from and it took 21 [ic5881027ed]business[/ic5881027ed] days to get from the vendor in New York to me in California. My xbox has only been in the mail for like 13 business days.


05-04-2005 12:42:00

check out the customer service inquiries thread. Gratis admitted they didn't actually ship. And I know in one of the threads it says the original distributer was fillpoint, but no one knows who the knew one was.


05-04-2005 13:28:55

willietanner seems to think that we're not getting our x-boxes because Microsoft is retooling their factories to make the x-box 2, so we're probably not gonna get them.

I'm inclined to disagree.

boy am I bored waiting for my damn x-box.