Trouble with referrals after first approval attempt

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04-04-2005 15:10:58

Here's my problem I submitted for approval 2 weeks ago, and 2 of my 5 referrals were denied. Gratis told me to get two more referrals and I could get an IPOD. Well, just last week, I got 2 more referrals and they both completed offers, but here's the problem when they sign in to their accounts, it shows that they have received credit for their offer (big red checks) but they are still yellow (offer not completed) on my referral page. Also, I'm NOT on hold.

Anybody seen/heard of this before? Does it take a few days for them to change to green after they get credit? Are they NOT going to change to green since I've already had one approval attempt? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.