Vouchers/Checks for xbox?

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04-04-2005 14:53:40

I submitted a customer service ticket asking about the possibility of Gratis sending out checks to cover the cost of buying an xbox ourselves.

They did this recently when they were unable to fulfill orders for certain handbags, and I think it is a suitable alternative for those of us who are willing to accept it.

I think that if the rest of you were to submit Customer Service tickets to Gratis indicating your interest in receiving a check for this amount, it might help it along. CollegeGraduit said that he woudl suggest this alternative to his contact at Gratis.

It can't hurt to try, let me know if any of you get any results with this.


04-04-2005 15:05:22

I submitted something along those lines this weekend as well.


04-04-2005 15:22:00

I did the same thing, didn't hear nuttin'.


04-04-2005 15:30:53

Yeah, I responded with that a few minutes after getting the reply to the other inquiry on the 30th.. maybe tomorrow I"ll attempt calling.


04-04-2005 15:45:49

Calling? Do you have their number? I ordered 3/16, and I haven't been waiting as long as you. But still, it would be nice to have a voucher or a check so I can pick up that XBox and play Halo 2 against y'all!


05-04-2005 10:54:53

alright willie i'm on board with that suggestion i'll put in my own SI and see if they respond...good idea.


05-04-2005 13:27:10

I put in an SI every day. I get a response about one out of every four. Same wrote response too.


05-04-2005 14:15:53

UPDATE Gratis Customer Service wrote me back, only took a day. Pretty impressive. unfortunately, it was not a positive response. I think that I will write and ask if it is possible to switch to a different item.

4/5/2005 43147 PM
customer service wrote

We are not considering this as an option yet.


07-04-2005 21:22:17

argh.. I wonder when they will consider it as an option.. you'd think 2 months of delays, no idea of when more will be in, and rumors that none will ever come in, they'd at least consider it.