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04-04-2005 13:04:52

I sat around gratis' site for a few weeks waiting for approval. I am currently sitting on 4 greens on offercentric's website. I have two pending referrals, both for efax. They signed up like four weeks ago and have emailed OC the confirmation email 3 times each. However, they have not received credit for completing the offer and have not received any kind of response from OC. What gives? When I email OC asking about when the credits will be offered, they just respond with a little form letter about being patient. Anyone got any experience with OC and know how long it takes to get manual approval?



04-04-2005 13:14:39

they probly dont have as much people as working for them..


04-04-2005 13:45:37

efax has been a major PITA for people lately it seems. They and have changed their policy that if you don't stay on after the free 4 week trial period, they withdraw credit for your free gift offer. That may be why OC is withholding you credit until they see if efax is going to pull their credit.


04-04-2005 13:54:11

You mean they are going back and taking credit away after giving credit? How can they do that? That is going to spell trouble for my other 4 referrals!



04-04-2005 15:17:51

Oh damn damn damn! I hope my referrals and what not are going to be okay....if for some reason they don't get credit for it, can they sign up for other offers so they would in other terms be completing a second offer...


04-04-2005 19:30:14

Sure, if they're not getting credit for an offer, then they haven't done one; in the free sites eyes.
Not to mention, you can do as many offers as you want through the same free site, but you get nothing for it.