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04-04-2005 12:17:11

Ok, Im new and I have few questions to start )

1) What is the idea of this?

2) What you need to do to make it work?


04-04-2005 12:27:21

Estonian's can not participate.

Read the terms of service ?


04-04-2005 12:35:59

So there are no ways to get them to Estonia? Or Finland where my sister grandmother and others lives?


04-04-2005 12:40:47

That is correct.


04-04-2005 12:42:40

Isnt there somewhere some services what could forward stuff forwards if I pay the mail price?


04-04-2005 12:52:37



04-04-2005 13:03:25

Well I asked beacose if someone here knows some trusted companys?


04-04-2005 13:17:09

Here you go.[=http//]Here you go.


04-04-2005 22:15:50

What I do whit Music academy websites D?


05-04-2005 04:08:59

Your topic asks for help with singing..


05-04-2005 05:57:15

Heeheehee It was just one of those bad miss types ) . Well I know the problem now... Well, ok I change topic P


05-04-2005 07:47:02

your mom goes to college...


05-04-2005 08:06:42

Well no way ;) Thanks to wood he forwards stuff to me.


05-04-2005 15:15:38

[quote05f8f7af1a="CollidgeGraduit"]Your topic asks for help with singing..[/quote05f8f7af1a]

singing up? Teach me CG lol wink