Completeing Offers Question.....

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04-04-2005 11:32:22

Could my offer be messed up cause i was impatient,? I did the offer on the was suppose to be instant, but it wasnt so i thought i might have messed up so i tried the efax offer on the 1st, still no credit for that, does it take longer each time you do an offer?? if i try another offer will it just push me back even furthur or what?


04-04-2005 12:37:41

I did an instant offer on the 31st also and still havent recieved credit. I know someone that also did an instant offer and has yet to receive credit.

Anyone else?


04-04-2005 12:58:32

someone did freebidding for me and it credited in less than a day....hopefully you guys get ur credit sooon


04-04-2005 13:18:08

how long should i wait before doing another offer?


04-04-2005 14:21:25

well i just got credited for the 2nd offer i did, i guess i messed up some how on the freebidding, even tho i got charged (