Tracking numbers forfreeflatscreens?

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04-04-2005 07:10:00

I spent a minute or two searching the forum for information regarding tracking numbers on freeflatscreens, but came up empty handed.

Does anyone know if they will be provided for us?

I ordered the 17" and went STV sometime last week.

Just wanted to know if I should be on the lookout for tracking numbers, or if there is anyway to get one if Gratis doesn't provide it to you firsthand?

Wood 8)


12-04-2005 23:58:11

yeah same here...can't find anything about finding one. it was shipped out this morning and no tracking number was given.


13-04-2005 03:04:32

and yeah, using the reference number "" looks like it's only pulling up the 19" shipment I'm guessing, but it's showing 39 packages being delivered between the 12th and the 14th...nothing for our 17"ers though.


21-04-2005 13:55:42

Im currently STV on the 19". could by chance send me that Tracking number? getting my Mac Mini tomorrow and i need a monitor for it!