Having bit of a problem with an offer.....

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03-04-2005 21:12:35

Okay, so here is the scoop on an offer I did for FreeDesktopPC 8)
Maybe you guys can give me a hand.....

I agreed to a trade with Vulcan300 on March 15
[bc5722ab4b7]His FreeDesktopPC for my PDATech4free[/bc5722ab4b7]
(with me obviously greening first)

I did Stamps.com and I haven't received credit yet.....

On March 30, (exactly 15 days after offer completion)
I contacted Gratis, walking myself through the motions of
pasting the Stamps.com confirmation email, etc.

No response from Gratis, no change in my Status.
What do I do next? I am still signed up for Stamps.com.

This is unfortunate for Vulcan300 because he is waiting just like me.
Any ideas on what I should do? I believe I've done everything
right so far and followed up with Gratis, but no credit.



03-04-2005 22:53:08

They sometimes take some time to respond it took them 4 days to respond to my friends support ticket for blockbuster and then he had to send in the confirmation letter again even though he included it in the first one he finally received credit two days later
patience is the #1 rule in this game


04-04-2005 02:34:13

Just wait and keep at it. As long as you have that confirmation letter you can get credit. Dont ever delete that. Just keep on contacting them. Dont be afraid to contact them to much. If you did the offer you should be getting credit, instead of them worrying about explaining to the cheaters that they cheated they should be resolving problems like yours.


13-04-2005 11:06:11

Just got credit after what, [b19f366dce0]28 days[/b19f366dce0]... shock

Nonetheless, I GOT CREDIT!!!
My apologies to Vulcan300, he must have thought
I was a real schlub.

Anyways, for anyone in a similar situation, stay after the
companies, they will eventually credit you if you persist.