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03-04-2005 16:12:13

Which camera is everyone picking? I cant decide between the cannon and the black sony with the swivel lcd...


03-04-2005 16:36:28

The DSC-T1's a cool camera too to keep in mind.


03-04-2005 16:57:54

Im not sure on which cybershot to pick. Do both of them come with video recorders?


03-04-2005 17:05:48

Yeah but the silver one records in regular mpeg, and the black one records in mpeg4 which means smaller movie files which means more recording time.. the only thing that sucks, is that i keep reading that both sonys are red eye monsters because of where sony placed the flash.. if it werent for that, they would be even better cameras. SO i dunno..


03-04-2005 17:07:07

just choose the M1 and resell it, the M1>T1


03-04-2005 19:26:20

The M1 has video recording capabilites right? What's the difference between the two, that's what i'd like to know.


03-04-2005 22:47:24

I think im gonna go for the Sony Cybershot DSC-T1, its more my style