Do ipods really scratch that easily?

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03-04-2005 14:57:09

Do iPods really scratch that easy?

Also, for those of you who have Lajo cases, can you still use the click wheel, since the case covers it?



03-04-2005 15:16:01

Yah, they scratch easy as heck. Mine is all scrathched up. Not sure about the lajos though.


03-04-2005 17:55:26

heh, mine scratched like crazy.. most of them idk how it got there cause i kept it in a pocket with nothing else
but yah, it happens... i got the powersupport case @
& a decal from (its realll nice... no bubbles, easy to apply, forgiving to mistakes)


03-04-2005 18:20:27

Yes. Even with the Lajo case you can still use the click wheel. It is just not as smooth scrolling as you would hope without the case. The rubber kinda makes it harder, but I guess if you wear down the rubber enough, it'll be smooth.


03-04-2005 19:32:51

yes extremly easy to scratch


03-04-2005 22:53:07

Yes, within a week mine was extremely scratched and knicked. I bought one of those rubber things for it at Circuit City, and now it hasnt gotten any more scratched, but i dont really like the grippy feeling. Oh well


03-04-2005 22:55:34

the beautiful chrome on the back gets horrible scratched as does the screen. The design on the minis is much smarter, the anodized aluminum is much harder to scratch and you can use a simple piece of plastic to cover the screen.


03-04-2005 23:26:56

My boyfriend just bought me this case

Pretty stock photos http//

Reviews (and better price) http//

I like the fact that it preserves the look of the ipod -- hopefully it comes soon -- I've been carrying my ipod in this packaging bag that looks pretty ridiculous. roll


04-04-2005 01:08:11

Yeah its true that the ipod does scratch easy. Really easy. It sorta ticks me off but I got mine a case right away. I got the case from trendygeek and its the best thing ever. Podshield. It doesnt make the ipod all bulky like all of the other ones. Its a scratch protective shield. OOOO


07-04-2005 08:02:47

I would recommend buying a case for it as soon as you get it. They have some decent cases at the Apple stores.


07-04-2005 08:47:40

i dont care about scratches on the back.. and i throw my iPod on the ground alot (carpet..)

i haven't bought a case, cuz i dont really need one right now.


07-04-2005 12:51:36

Yes, it does scratch easily. Especially the screen. I have a 2 lajo cases... one in lilac pearl and one in bubble gum. I also have a lajo screen protector.

I really like the lajo cases as opposed to iSkin because of the variety of colors available. I got my cases when lajo was having a 50% off deal, so I got two instead of one... for when my mood changes and I feel like having my ipod a different color.

I got the exofb... it has a flat back and an open space for the clickwheel. From what I've heard, that's the way to go. I recommend keeping the plastic circle that covers the click wheel in the original ipod packaging on. I just bought the 3D wheel cover from PowerSupportUSA, so I"ll let you know what that's like when I get it.

I'm not a big fan of the screen protector, though. It works really well, but I feel like it makes the actual viewing area of the screen slightly smaller. It just doesn't make the ipod look like the ipod anymore. ( I'm hoping to order a PodShield screen protector or a PowerSupport USA Crystal film as soon as either one gets in stock. If anyone has any experience with either of those, I'd love to hear about it!

theclownoftightness - how do you like the Podshield? Does it really protect the entire ipod? Does it make it too slippery? I actually like the "grippy" feel that the silicone cases give the ipod. I can set it down anywhere and not worry about it falling. The other day I actually drove to the grocery store and back with it balanced on my leg. It was like it was velcroed to my jeans )

One drawback to the grippy-ness is that it is... well, grippy. Not just to jeans, but to every piece of dirt and dust imaginable. I got one of those reusable adhesive lint rollers, and I roll it over the pod once a day. Anal? Yes indeed. But I think all us pod-owners are a little anal as it is, or else we wouldn't have cases and worry about scratches.

If only we could all be like EatChex... )


07-04-2005 14:37:35

I got my Lajo case + iScreen + lanyard yesterday. I like the case pretty well, I got the clear one that covers the click wheel and it works great -- I was a little unsure about covering the wheel but now I'm glad I got that one. What I don't like is the iScreen screen protector, it's much too thick and doesn't stay on very well even with the Lajo skin pulled up over the edges, and it has an imperfection (an oval shape that looks like a wet spot) that is distracting if you look closely. I'll keep the iScreen until I get something better, probably one of those static film things like I have on my PDA.

Oh, and I don't trust the lanyard attachment. It's just a loop of silicone on the side of the skin, it's not reinforced at all. I can't see hanging the iPod by the lanyard especially if it gets any swinging motion going -- it just looks too flimsy and the iPod is too heavy I think.

Oh, BTW, I got mine on eBay for $7 + s/h, came to about $13 shipped including the iScreen and lanyard. It's the cheapest I found them. Look for the seller wifiuniverse if you're interested.


07-04-2005 15:37:58

alright, here's why i haven't bought a case..
1) because i don't feel like spending money on one (i just bought an iTrip)

2) because when I do decide to buy one, I'm going to clean my iPod with the scratch removal kit tha tcan be found here

So I figure why put a case on an iPod unless it looks brand spankin' new??

Mine doesn't, there's scratches on the back and a little on the screen (but like 2 very unnoticeable).. Also, I figure it's for playing music, so the only thing I really need to protect is the screen.. which I plan on shortly buying.


08-04-2005 10:52:42

I have a blue skin case that i got from It came in only 4 days too! it has a screen protector but nothing for the click wheel so i just left the piece of plastic on it.


08-04-2005 12:16:24

[quote633baffc04="moonfairy_2002"]I have a blue skin case that i got from It came in only 4 days too! it has a screen protector but nothing for the click wheel so i just left the piece of plastic on it.[/quote633baffc04]

Good Idea!!


10-04-2005 18:04:15