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Tiger Mike

03-04-2005 14:37:02

Since Gratis apparently isnt shipping yet, is (cool4free) a better option? Has anyone completed there yet? I am about to complete a trade by signing up for and don't know whether to just get a games and accessories package or get a PSP + games package, since they require different numbers of referrals. Since I don't have greens yet on and its going to take more than a month or whatever, should I just get the system from phreepsps? Thanks for any info.


03-04-2005 14:42:43

They're shipping the 15th from what i heard on the cool4free sites. No one knows when Gratis will ship theirs.


03-04-2005 15:09:37

Ive been waiting on gratis for like a month now.. ive completed all my 8 refs on phreepsps, but phreepsps isnt giving me credit for one person yet.. he signed up for miracleburn. Same thing on phreeipods, waiting on one person... miracleburn. So yeah, if you go for any of the phree sites, be wary of the urban nutrition offers. The people have even called urban nutrition to double check their cancellation then mentioned the phree sites, and urban nutrion swore up and down that credit was already sent out and they would send again.. so i dont know why its taking so long. So i guess it all depends on when gratis ships and what offers people will complete. ha.


03-04-2005 16:34:25

You can have Urban Nutrition send credit? I may have to do that for my PSPs, I did MyDailyDose.


03-04-2005 16:36:10

well its frowned upon, but no harm in inquiring about it while you have em on the phone to cancel an order i guess... some of the reps get mad at you, some dont.


03-04-2005 16:50:56

Hmm, alright. I didn't think the regular reps knew about the whole "SearchCactus" and offer completion thingy.


03-04-2005 16:58:05

My rep that i had gotten ahold of called it "the affiliate program" and that she would re send out the crediting e-mail for me.. so i dunno


04-04-2005 18:20:45

anyone got psp from since gratis is not givin out till the end of april??



04-04-2005 18:33:08

Yeah, people have. Check Brag Bag.


04-04-2005 18:39:35

i cant wait for gratis.....