Submitted for Approval!!

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03-04-2005 12:49:23

I just submitted for approval!!! I was surprised too, because I thought they didn't credit on weekends... Anyways, how long does it usually take for approval and what do you think the chances are that I will be put on hold?

One strange thing in my case is that my last 2 referrals are credit card offers, and one of them has gone green (my extra 6th has not). But it definitely went green within 1 week, so I'm not sure the person activated the card or not, but it's green, so...

I'm so excited/nervous! Wish me luck )


03-04-2005 22:15:24

Good luck! D


03-04-2005 22:47:01

AHHh I'm gettin so jealous of all these people gettin all their crap! Hopefully I'll be getting my shit soon too! Good luck with yours!


04-04-2005 09:19:03

I submitted for approval on Friday, hope it goes through soon! )