Problem with ANY free PSP

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03-04-2005 10:35:53

the receipt. you need one to take advantage of the 1-year Sony warranty. if you get a PSP with dead pixels, unless the free company you ordered from is nice, you're pretty much SOL.



03-04-2005 10:45:36

1. buy another from walmart
2. take shitty one back
3. <=====purposely left blank
4. profit

There, i've discussed everything that needs to be. Would you like fries with that? ;)


03-04-2005 12:03:43

lol, ya i already bought one from bestbuy with a 2 year warranty and will just sell the free one when i get it!


03-04-2005 14:03:27

step 1- collect underpants
step 2-
step 3- profit


03-04-2005 15:11:45

I've thought about this, but doesnt wal mart or best buy etc check serial numbers.. how could you just take one back?


03-04-2005 16:33:35

Wal-Mart and Target take anything back for sure. Called them the other day to check about the DS I got from DS4Free. I was going to return it and have a friend buy the Target GC from me so i could get the $$. They said they'd return it, but I kinda feel guilty doing that, so I may just sell it on eBay.


03-04-2005 16:40:10

Yeah but what happens when my receipt is from a month ago, and the psp im trying to return is the psp they JUST release without the spiderman movie and what not? Arent they gonna say something?


03-04-2005 21:21:29

foreal huh....


04-04-2005 12:54:19

I read a few articles about how Sony is not staying true to the people that have PSPs + Warranties + Dead Pixels. From what I hear, you might be stuck both...with warranty or without.

Thank goodness for WalliMart's Return Desk, though. They are too dumb to even know what a PSP is. 8)


04-04-2005 16:52:26

END OF APRIl... I cant wait