Why isn't www.freeipods.com on the www.truste.com website?

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03-04-2005 07:34:16

When you click the truste banner on gratises site you get this https//www.truste.org/ivalidate.php?url=www.freeipods.com
Why are they in violation? Is www.freeipods.com legit?
I don't want to get my friends to sign up if it isn't legit o


03-04-2005 07:58:32

Yes, freeipods.com is legit, as are all of Gratis' sites.

TRUSTe offers a service where you pay a fee to license their "seal" and certify that you adhere to their privacy standards. That's all they govern privacy. They are also controversial in that their "service" is not terribly effective -- licensees such as RealNetworks for example have been known to violate privacy rules while displaying the seal.

Gratis doesn't ask for CC numbers or any other privacy information other than name and address, which you know up front will be shared -- that's how they make money in addition to offer completions. So it wouldn't make such sense, or be of much use, to license the TRUSTe seal.


03-04-2005 22:54:32

Of course its legit, dont worry about truste.