not being instant?

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01-04-2005 19:40:06

One of my referrals signed up for the "instant" offer a few days ago and still hasn't gotten credit. Anyone know anything about that offer?


01-04-2005 20:13:48

Yeah, this offer sucks. I did it on and after 18 days of waiting I had to write Gratis to have it fixed. They replied very quick and said it would be fixed within the next few days.

I think the problem comes from the fact that you have to download software and by that means it's never proven that you completed an offer. Good for, bad for us.


01-04-2005 21:15:59

You don't actually have to download the software to signup -- you can get through the ActiveX controls if you sign up in IE. Though I have heard of people who signed up through the downloaded program and got the green, so I dunno. I personally got credit on Coobro just fine.


02-04-2005 19:52:43

does anyone know how to discontinue service with if got screwed with their offer and now i want to quit before i get charged

thnx in advance


02-04-2005 19:54:44

we can't talk about that here but just look around their site


03-04-2005 15:54:31

i havent recieved credit either....i did the offer back on 3/30 and still no creidt....i even tried to print a pretty koo but wheres my damn credit hahaha anyone else having trouble?