I want an xboox

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01-04-2005 19:08:29

I requested approval today 4/1/05 yay


01-04-2005 19:43:48

Heh. PoPo, you're going to be stuck in my batch, processing 3/16. IF the XBoxes of now are any indication, we'll be waiting a while.

Core Ride

01-04-2005 19:47:19

i've been shipped for a month now.


01-04-2005 20:24:49

yeah I know ( but oh well my shuffle is suppose to be here tue and I just requested approval on freephotoipods and Im waiting on two yellows on phreeipods for my 30 gb photo so all in all its not bothering me right now....thinking happy thoughts and gettign drunk


02-04-2005 06:47:52

same here. stupid gratis. I got a CS response that told me to "check my shipping address because your item has already shipped"

I'm like "assholes, no it hasn't. NOBODY has received their x-boxes yet."