The Hydra Shuffle at DHL

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01-04-2005 16:51:57

According to the tracking number at DHL my shuffle was picked up for shipping on 3/18/05. After about a week of calling DHL after the package never arriving by its estimated delivery date, they finally admitted that they had a big conundrum. My box has two address labels, one for me in California and another for some guy in North Carolina. Sad part was they couldn't tell me this a week ago, but instead tried to blame it on the courier not being able to find my apartment.

So today they told me they they're contacting the shipper to figure out what to do. Anyone else having this problem? This is pretty crazy, especially seeing that people were receiving multiple shuffles, I guess I'm suppose to get 1/2 a shuffle.


04-04-2005 01:22:49

Wow that really really sucks. Just keep on fighting to get it and you will eventually.


04-04-2005 10:08:41

dude... first sending out two shuffles to people and now this? gratis is really screwing up recently


08-04-2005 17:54:29

Man this is getting really dumb. DHL is basically giving up and having me contact EFULFILLMENT on my own, in hopes of getting them to fax them a shipping authorization so I can get my box.

I posted a support question to Gratis from my account last week, but still haven't heard back.

Any one from Gratis able to help out?


08-04-2005 17:57:04

Call EFufillment and tell them your situation, once you verify your name etc. they'll probably fax DHL a shipment authorization or something.


08-04-2005 19:01:08

Thanks for the idea. I left a message for them on customer support since they're closed for the week.


12-04-2005 23:47:24

EFULFILLMENT is dumb. They told me DHL would have to send them back the package and then Gratis would have to request a new shippment. Damn.

So I called back DHL and the tech guy got on the phone with my local office. He comes back from hold telling me that the package will be on the truck for tommorow (that was yesterday).


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13-04-2005 01:14:07

bout effin time u got it )