Just requested approval!

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01-04-2005 12:34:37

Who else has requested approval today?


02-04-2005 07:15:44

I requested approval about a week ago. Still pending.


02-04-2005 08:35:39

I requested approval a while back, for my third time. And just yesterday, I got approved.


02-04-2005 09:02:40

Requested approval about 3 days ago... still waiting )


02-04-2005 09:16:50

I requested approval about 7 days ago. Finally approved yesterday! Placed my order so, now I'm waiting again.


02-04-2005 09:51:04

yah, me and you will be waiting for a while.

I dont think the iPods are backordered like a lot of people think. I just think, that its taking longer for people to complete the site. Now that so many people on the internet have signed up. And they dont STV till they get enough orders.


02-04-2005 11:48:26

I requested today!!!