Blockbuster offer (or the lack thereof)

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01-04-2005 12:12:48


I just started trying to get a mac mini this week. I've gotten six yellows and one green so far. Problem is, I got people to sign up since we figured the Blockbuster offer would be available, but it seems that they never get that offer for some reason. Anyone know if there's a pattern or something that can explain this? Is it because I signed up for BB when I signed up?



01-04-2005 12:36:26

that's odd, i seem to see the blockbuster offer everytime i sign onto a gratis site. but their offers are on some sort of rotation. if it doesn't show today, try again tomorrow and you might see it. let's hope they didn't take away the blockbuster offer away for good becuase they have been good to me.


04-04-2005 02:29:19

Its up now if you wanna do that now. Just wait for all of the offers they all come back. Usually. I remember back in the days of the infone offer. That was the best offer.


06-04-2005 11:47:15

hell yea, i loved the infone offer. i didn't get credit for one of them though but it was so easy to do, i just did another one.


09-04-2005 21:54:50

maybe of some help http//



18-04-2005 15:37:22

I have a small question that may not be related to this. Say for instance you think you already did the blockbuster offer for another site. Using the same credit card, would it be a problem to sign up for blockbuster multiple times since it's so easy?

Basically can you do the same offer multiple times with the same credit card and recieve credit?


27-04-2005 12:03:55

Thanks for the replies guys. I got enough for the minimac now (waiting on two to go green), but it never gave anyone Blockbuster over a 2-3 week period.

As for the CC thing, why not try it and let us know? I think Blockbuster will catch you using the same credit card.