Completing the offer

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01-04-2005 11:28:13

What I have to do to complete this offer?

Game Account
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How long do I have to play for? Meh I wish there was an offer I could understand like the Blockbusters one, after 40 days(?) then cancell it.


01-04-2005 15:00:47

Don't know if you're going to get much help here -- most of the people here are American and it looks like the offers are different for the two countries. I'd really like to know more about the UK offers so I could give info to people who people who sign up, but unfortunately I don't. There should be a popup when you click on the website that gives you info about what you need to do to get credit on the site.


01-04-2005 15:35:13 aint open to the UK (


02-04-2005 06:08:40

Yeah it it open to UK.

Cheers Crono, I'll check the pop-up.


02-04-2005 11:57:24

[quoted9b9cbe3ac="Tindo"]Yeah it it open to UK.

Cheers Crono, I'll check the pop-up.[/quoted9b9cbe3ac]

you sure? it says "[id9b9cbe3ac]Only one account per person and shipping address.[/id9b9cbe3ac] [bd9b9cbe3ac]US only[/bd9b9cbe3ac]"


02-04-2005 12:01:26

Check your PM.


02-04-2005 13:59:54

is the PSP site open to other countries?


06-04-2005 11:38:11

This is driving me crazy......its had been a week since I did the game-account offer.