Efax question

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01-04-2005 11:24:40

i signed up on mon for the efax offer and havent receievd credit, however 2 of my friends signed up the same day and got credit for theirs the next morning. i know i did it right i got an email from efax immediately. should i complete another offer?


01-04-2005 12:38:19

Yea you should...I got credit in like one day as well....so you should probably just do another offer...make sure you're not going to get charged for efax though...I would do the online customer support thing and make sure you really aren't signed up.


01-04-2005 16:22:17

I wouldn't do another offer, if after 15 days, still no credit, go to the HELP section of the site and submit a ticket. Keep your welcome email. Gratis will want you to copy and paste it into the ticket. They usually credit the next day after that.


01-04-2005 18:09:12

eFax usually takes 1-2 days to complete


03-04-2005 08:21:22

eFax - Took me 3 days for credit.

One of my most favorite offers to date.

So easy.


04-04-2005 01:05:21

Efax is the best offer out there so you shouldnt need to complete another offer after that. Just keep your efax e-mail and submit a ticket and youll get credit. Save doing other offers for other sites. I mean look if these sites keep coming out were all gonna run out of offers. Just wait. Itll come around.


04-04-2005 14:46:09

how exactly do i cancel my efax? do i have to call them?


04-04-2005 14:47:57



04-04-2005 14:55:56

No thats not how you cancel. If you decided that you did not like their service and have given it adequate time to try it out and still would like to discontinue their service just go to j2.com and go to a live chat Representative.


04-04-2005 18:48:36


Actually, this is how you cancel. There's a link to talk to a rep on there.


09-04-2005 12:58:47

yep it is