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01-04-2005 09:52:18

I have set up a website to help British and Canadian users make the most out of It seems wherever you look, you can only find people from the US who have posted success stories.

Since i have been advised NOT to post the link to the site, please pm me if you have further information.

However i am looking for people from the UK and Canada who have completed the offer, and received their ipods. If you fit the bill, please PM me, or email= me at me at

I would like then to put your story up on my site, so as to help other international users understand how works.

There are a number of factors for us, which are different to those of you in the USA which have not been addressed anywhere. These things include shipping time, where they come from, who will be delivering them, and also, for example, if it is coming from the US or elsewhere things like import duties etc.

As i have not got my ipod yet, i can not tell my users about this, so that is why i need your help. Tell me your story, and help us all better understand how this is going to work for us



01-04-2005 10:25:11

To the mods. In future, if my post is considered "spamming my site" could you please only remove my link, rather than deleting my whole post, and making me look like i can neither type properly or compose a real sentence. I try hard to make my post's seem as readable, and well composed as possible, and if all that was offending was a link, then surely that is all that needed to be removed.

Hopefully my new edit is acceptable. If not, please advise as to why not, as i have fully re-read your rules and believe i have followed them.

Thanks very much


01-04-2005 12:08:56

[quote9e28bd64f2="loplop"]I keep spamming my site

Please give me testimonials if you live in the Canada or UK. kthx[/quote9e28bd64f2]

I give you a testimonial when I get my FREE 20GB iPod.


01-04-2005 15:33:29

I was just thinking about building a site for Canadians and people from the UK. Since I am in Canada and it is very hard to find out what offers work in Canada and how long it will take to get here. I guess you beat me to it so good for you. PM me with a link please I would love to check it out.