So how long does it really take to get approved?

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01-04-2005 05:37:57

How long should I be expecting to wait. I submitted for approval last Wednesday (3/23) and nothing has changed as far as my status goes. It says between "3-5 days". Is the expectable? Is there no need to worry? Is it taking this long for a lot of people?

Just trying to figure out why it is taking so long. My free ipod shuffle account was approved in 3 days I believe.


01-04-2005 06:11:39

took me 9 days....requested on 3/ approved on 3/31


01-04-2005 06:52:51

took me 11.. but o well my ipod is at the DHL facility here in Panama City, FL waiting to be shipped 8)

dont worry man, it will be sent..


01-04-2005 15:34:39

Just got approved.. that's cool. )


01-04-2005 15:51:53

Geez im getting jelous all these people getting approved today! Hurry up and get to my account gratis!!!