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31-03-2005 17:28:34

How does it work? It does not say how it works at all... do you just buy some ink? or what? is there a minimum? lol they should really tell you what you have to do... roll


31-03-2005 17:29:28

i think you have to buy around $40 worth, i never liked the deal. I would rather have genuine ink


31-03-2005 17:34:13



31-03-2005 18:31:42

[quotef2b39f9e26="CoMpFrEaK"]I would rather have genuine ink[/quotef2b39f9e26]
Same here. Depending on your printer, generic ink can totally ruin the printheads. Epson printers, for example, have printheads separate from the ink cartridge unlike HP, and the newer Epson printers with 4 or less picoliter printheads are notorious for being ruined by generics, plus it voids the warranty. Since I trashed a C80 by using 3rd party ink a couple years ago, I've gone back to using nothing but genuine Epson ink and have had no more problems from my other Epson printers. The newsgroups and support forums are full of folks who've trashed printers with generic ink.

For older printers, and for most HP's where the printhead is in the cartridge and replaced each time, generics are often okay though.