Havent Recieved my Ipod and its past the DHL date..

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31-03-2005 15:51:05

I don't know if anyone has had this problem...I have heard horror stories of DHL losing the package, and people end up with nothing. Anybody else experience it.


31-03-2005 15:58:14

if its a day or two off your fine, might just be a slight delay


04-04-2005 12:55:11

Still Havent recieved it, and its been 3 days. I called and the guy gave said that since the weather and floods have been bad in The northeast, it's delayed... It sounded like he was making it up, but I dont know. does anyone know when DHL usually delivers?


04-04-2005 13:15:48

i got mine at 900 AM on the day they said it was going to be shipped.. i live in florida.


04-04-2005 14:13:54

wow, awesome


04-04-2005 14:18:34

I got my iPod today

[600250]http//www.tudofixe.com/media/pics/ipod/iPodblog.jpg[" alt=""/imga009f9996a]


06-04-2005 16:07:27

Still Havent Recieved it. The lady is sending out an SOS to all tracking plants tonight through tomorrow. If it isn't found, then I have to get Gratis to send a shipping confirmation(Even though they wont) This is really disappointing. I think that a DHL worker just took it because every package that goes through looks the same and is easy to take. If they were smart then they took notice that we recieve these for free and that the chances of me getting another one are ZERO. Thanks for letting me rant.



06-04-2005 16:48:26

hope you get it.


06-04-2005 17:43:56

youll get it...just wait a lil bit more


06-04-2005 20:16:30

I got my ipod a day before it said "shipped" - so that was cool. sucks for you though.