Warning: similar IP's won't be approved

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31-03-2005 15:12:47

I'm sure most of you could have told me this, but I submitted for approval and was rejected b/c of this 3 of my referrals were my three roommates at my apartment (all different IP's (no routers) and on different computers). But I guess since we are all on the same subnet, they suspected them of not being unique. Of course, they WERE unique and all entered valid information. Basically, we all followed the rules completely, but that wasn't good enough.

Now I gotta go out and find 2 more referrals and resubmit for approval. This better be worth it.


31-03-2005 18:24:53

Did Gratis tell you that's why, or are you assuming so? If they're all your roomates, what shipping addresses did all of you use? If you all used the same physical address, then THAT'S why. That's a violation of the TOS.

IP by itself does not usually disqualify someone. I've known of several people who signed up from the SAME IP and didn't go on hold. Gratis looks at IP along with other criteria but they've said themselves they don't disqualify on same IP alone. And similar IP is just ludicrous -- everybody in a given ISP in the same local area will have "similar" IP's and subnets. That just doesn't make sense...


01-04-2005 08:23:10

Here's what GRATIS said
"The similarities go beyond just the IP addresses. lilili@yahoo.com and lilili@yahoo.com will remain on HOLD due to suspicion of fraudulent activity. If you would like to continue towards your free iPod, I suggest that you get two more UNIQUE referrals and then you will be eligible for one."

As you can see, they don't explicitly tell me why they don't appear to be unique. I just figured it was because our IPs were similar. They said it was something else, but didn't say what.

No, we all had different shipping/billing/free-ipod addresses (in fact, they were all in different cities). I made sure each of my friends followed the rules exactly. It just doesn't make any sense, and Gratis isn't being any help either.


01-04-2005 08:41:58

i had 3 of my roomates sign up in my actual dorm room, their IPs off by 1 digit and i got approved