Just finished my referals!!

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31-03-2005 14:19:33

I just finished getting all of my referals and now they are being approved. Anyone know how long from this point it takes to get approved and sent out and all? Thanks! I cant wait to get it since this will be the first thing i will be getting from one of these sites!


31-03-2005 14:24:39

No idea. I sent my approval for a second time on Monday and nothing so far. The first time I sent for approval, one of my referrals got rejected so I had to find someone else.

Hopefully, it won't take that long before we get to Processing. I was actually waiting for approval for about 2/3 weeks from Monday, and when they finally went over my account, one of the greens turned gray ( so I had to do it again because of the one referral.


31-03-2005 14:49:09

I'm guessing shuffles received for you in 3 weeks. You'll be approved sometime next week, then go STV a week and a half after that. My guess.


04-04-2005 21:53:50

kool i requested to be approved today.... )


05-04-2005 04:52:20

I originally sent for approval about two and a half weeks ago. Last week (the 28th) I was put on hold. However, I was taken off of hold the 29th and now I'm back to the evaluation process. Check back after five business days? Well, I've been evaluated for a grand total of 12 day so far. Nice.


06-04-2005 10:07:00

I resubmitted for approval after one of my greens turned gray on March 29 and as of today, nothing. No approval yet. x


08-04-2005 12:44:53

Got approved today!! ) only 4 days