Lowes Offer?

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31-03-2005 13:55:43

The lowes offer was therea f ew days ago, does anyone know if it will be back? Could it come back?


31-03-2005 14:36:43

it seems to be coming up at nite like 8-9 mountain time...thats when i've seen it pop up the past 2 days


31-03-2005 14:38:19

ha, certain times of day? thats insane, ill keep an eye out, haha


31-03-2005 14:47:04

Lowes offer?


31-03-2005 15:18:46

[quotec5b1037cc7="nusqax"]Lowes offer?[/quotec5b1037cc7]

Not sure why but people seem to call it by the free gift cards they get (i.e. Circuit City, Lowes). Not sure why, kinda weird. ?


31-03-2005 15:21:38

Ohh, I see.



31-03-2005 15:27:45

hehe ya people do call it by gift cards.... i havent seen complete homes for a while... i think all treliegant offers are gone... Can someone confirm this for me?


31-03-2005 15:37:30

if it is gone, that would be bad! noooo!


31-03-2005 20:19:18

[quote2b9928b86b="Vector"]if it is gone, that would be bad! noooo![/quote2b9928b86b] very true... i was waiting to see if it would come on today but i still havent seen it


31-03-2005 20:29:50

NOO! thats bad news! but why!?!


01-04-2005 00:47:56

i dont know why its gone...maybe they pulled from gratis...im hoping not cause i want that walkie talkie from great fun hahahah


04-04-2005 01:13:14

Lol its not the lowes offer! Its called complete home and you get a free $20 lowes giftcard. Great offer recieved my giftcards in like3 weeks. Any of the offers that offer the free giftcards are great and seem to have quick credit so do those before others.


04-04-2005 15:06:17

ohhh goodness. man, those were the best offers. and now eFax's policy has changed so you have to pay! everything is awful now.