Shipping address question

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31-03-2005 12:17:04

I have done and used the same address when signing up and shipping address when ordering my freeipod. What if I put in a different address when ordering the free ipod? Is this double entry of addresses a form of fraud checking or is is just your signup address and then your shipping address?

The reson I ask is because I signed up for with an address that I don't want to use for the shipping address. Can I use a different address at the shipping page then I did to sign up?

Anyone else use two different addresses? Thanks!


31-03-2005 12:45:31

i signed up a while ago and forgot about it... and i don't remember if i signed up with my home address or school address. i had it shipped to my home address since they considered my school address a "po box" (i have a "campus box #") and the ipod came today no probs...


31-03-2005 15:29:39

yeah i think gratis ask for shipping address again so it gives you the chance to change the address, incase you move or you want it shipped someonewhere else