Trimlife completing?

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31-03-2005 11:50:34

I completed Trimlife on Monday and still haven't gone green, anyone have a similar experience?


31-03-2005 12:07:22

i didnt get credit and waited past 15 days and contacted gratis about it. they wanted a confirmation email and once i gave it to them i received credit


31-03-2005 12:11:12

Mmmeh. Thanks for the tip, no confirmation email yet either =/


31-03-2005 13:56:07

Never got credit on OC, no confirmation e-mail. It's been 3 days. I can't even submit a credit request.


31-03-2005 14:00:14

I don't know if this helps, but if you use Firefox Browser, things become complicated and you may not get credit for doing an offer.


31-03-2005 14:19:26

I always make sure I use IE


31-03-2005 21:27:22

traded w. someone and they did this offer and it still didnt green.....3 days


01-04-2005 08:59:02

did u guys get any emails from tirmilife? because the 1st email i received from them really wasnt a typical confirmation one. but gratis accepted it as such


01-04-2005 18:26:35

I completed Trimlife too and have not gotten credit. I didn't get a confirmation email from them either. I'm using IE and cookies have not been disabled. I contacted Gratis and they said to wait until the offer credits. That may be never and I don't have anything from Trimlife. I did email the contact on the first trimlife page that pops up when doing the offer twice. No response from them either. I told them that I used a credit card and expected a confirmation email. I also said if I did not get a response and a confirmation asap, I would be calling my credit card co to block any charges from them. I will dispute the trial offer too since they have not kept their end of the deal. Instant credit doesn't mean 15 days and then you get nothing... this really pisses me off. If anyone else gets credit, let me know.


04-04-2005 20:35:47

got credited same day )


04-04-2005 22:40:30

this is jsut weird.. i turned off ALL cookie protection... did hte offer perfectly... its been about a week now.. and no credit.... looks like lots of people are getting screwed... if its not credited by wednesday i'm jsut going to do another offer for teh guy i was trading with (