Does BlockBuster ask for a Credit Card #?

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31-03-2005 10:08:05

When I use the offer for BlockBuster, will it ask for a Credit Card #?


31-03-2005 10:12:29

Yep, just did it a few days ago.

If you dont have it that could be an easy one to convice your parents to do for you wink


31-03-2005 11:01:53

Thanks )


31-03-2005 11:16:04

blockbuster is a good service...although i prefer netflix...just because it seems that all the movies that i want to watch, netflix has in stock and blockbuster says short wait, but i do like the fact that you get 2 free store rentals that includes games from blockbuster.

oh yea and i got credit for blockbuster in a day or 2


31-03-2005 15:31:48

took me 15 days...i had to email gratis for a manual credit

thomas moore

01-04-2005 00:42:26

You may use a credit card or a debit card with a visa / mastercard logo on it, it works pretty much the same with the blockbuster offer, either or. wink


04-04-2005 01:17:38

Ive done the blockbuster offer before but that was a couple months ago when you didnt even have to pay for doing the offer. Hip Hip for me. But the offer is good and it does ask for a credit card cause it charges you $10 off the bat.


04-04-2005 09:29:47

are there any offers that wont cost you any money?