I signed up for an offer before I activated - what now ?

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31-03-2005 09:14:47

Hi there, I am new user from the UK.

I joined up a couple of days ago and I now have 4 green confirmed referalls. My account has not been activated yet and I think it is because I signed up for an offer before I activated my Free Ipods account.

My 4 referalls have all signed up for the same offer as me and they have their accounts activated.

What do you guys think I should do ?

Wait or sign up for the offer again which would be easy to do ?

Thanks for any help.

thomas moore

31-03-2005 09:19:39

you could you send in a customer service ticket via the Help section of the website, or if you do not want to wait, just complete a different offer! wink


31-03-2005 09:23:20

Is it Ok to go for the same offer twice ?

It's an online bookmakers and I made a profit with my first attempt so opening up a 2nd account is not a problem lol

As long as Free Ipods don't pull me up for going for the same offer twice ??


31-03-2005 11:26:38

dont do the same offer twice...that is considered fraud...and dont do the same offer for a different freebie site...the rules may be different across the sea, but in the good ole us of a...its frowned upon....like t. moore said...if you click on the "account" link in the grey area...there should be another link on that page that says "click here to have a verification email...blah blah blah


01-04-2005 07:23:10

Does anyone know if my offer uptake will definately be null and void then ?

There was definately a pop up telling me that it "would take up to 7 days to activate my account" but I had forgot to activate my free Ipod account.

thomas moore

01-04-2005 08:05:29

I BELIEVE i've read in gratis' terms that verification doesnt effect getting your free item of course thats all, how you might say, rhetoric. To be safe i would do one of the following

1). Complete a brand new different offer that you have never done before!


2). Under the Help section there are a few questions click the one that states, " My issue is about my current account status"
that will take you to more questions from there you will see this , " My email adress has not been VERIFIED". click that and write to CS customer service about your problem and wait for a reply they should respond within a few days.

I hope that helps more? wink


01-04-2005 09:00:48

My account has been verified it's just that I am worried I won't get credit for my offer as I completed my offer before I verified my FreeIpod account.


12-04-2005 09:23:35

It will be 14 days this evening since I opened my Sporting Bet account and my Free Ipod account has still to be verified.

I have 6 green referral's just waiting to go.

I will wait another couple of days and then send copies of my e-mail from Sporting Bet in.

Anyone else had this ??