newb question? HELP ME!

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31-03-2005 05:17:13

1. Can one person sign up for an offer more then once? For example I sign up for efax under and got my credit and then I cancel efax. Then like a day later can I sign up for efax again up
2. Same as #1 but the person is my friend?
3. What offers are fast and the easy to cancel?

Can someone answer my three questions please? Thank You!


31-03-2005 07:27:05

wow you really didnt read the rules of this forum we dont talk about cancelation you should only do offers that you interested in. And if you do cancel efax and try to redo it then you are basiaclly cheating the system....this is a warning read our rules and dont break them again


31-03-2005 07:27:40

Oh yeah the rules are the things that you must read before you start posting the part you skipped over


31-03-2005 09:32:45

wow stroid giving the new guy a break


31-03-2005 09:37:35

i try D


31-03-2005 14:57:34

sorry, I wont do it again


31-03-2005 15:35:54

ya just gonna have to read to rules.... Just like what "Stroid" said its cheating the system if you do it....