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31-03-2005 00:47:44

Right now I'm done with freeipodshuffle.com and am selling the shuffle on eBay. The auction is highlighted and bold and in 3 days received 190 hits. It heavily refers to my site www.new-ipod.com .

Since I dont have the need for freeipodshuffle link anymore, i removed it from the site but since the auction began, i got 4 signups with ipodshuffles4free.com instead and 3 with freeipods.com.

If I put freeipodshuffles.com back with somebody's link, it'll for sure get signups (not guaranteed to green of course). For $20, I'll put up a link for freeipodshuffle.com or tech4free.com (which I'm also done with) till the end of the action (7 days left).

The auction is at
http//cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=5763711485&ssPageName=STRKMESEIT , if u want pics of my new refs, msg me.



31-03-2005 10:20:59

got 2 more since last night in ipodshuffles4free. the time is running out.