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30-03-2005 15:01:44

has anyone done the donation thing for 20 dollars to get your link on the site? i couldn't find any threads about it for the photo, but i've known of people being really successful with i'm totally gonna do it if it works.


30-03-2005 15:04:39

its a 50/50 shot you might get some you might not...nothing is gauranteed although we do get alot of trafic


30-03-2005 15:16:32

I think I tried it a couple months back and didn't get a single sign-up. So, I wouldn't donate for the potential of signups - but this site is very helpful and informative so a donation with your appreciation in mind is certainly not out of place. Any sign-ups you might get would just be a bonus...


30-03-2005 16:26:17

ah, ok. i saw under the donation info, "So far every single donator has received at least 5 completed referrals." is that just because the ipods are easier to get than the photos?


30-03-2005 20:29:07

I did Free flat screens. No one even went yellow so who knows.


01-04-2005 20:56:06

I did it for several different sites and I don't think I received one green referral (I don't even think I got a yellow).

For the gratis sites, they didn't even put up my link when it was supposed to, even though the confirmation email was correct and I put in my information correctly.

So yeah, I would donate only if you are interested in helping out the site, not for the potential number of refs you might get.


02-04-2005 18:49:27

I got 5 yellows and one green for freeipodshuffles, but I bought 2 days worth at 15 each. And I bought one freedesktop for 10 but they didnt put my link up. Just do the newer sites that show up near the top