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30-03-2005 13:50:23

Anyone know the longest it's taken between Processing and Shipped To Vendor?

I know this is getting repetitive, but this really, really, stinks! 3+weeks, no change!


30-03-2005 13:57:21

Well, no. But to cheer you up, I know this guy who had his freeipod at StV two days ago and already received it today? Only 2 days.

Hope you feel better. And don't worry, it will come.


02-04-2005 17:24:45

why is there a delay anyway? Are these new 60gig models [ie9f3b4034f]that[/ie9f3b4034f] popular??


02-04-2005 18:23:28

it shouldn't. mine went from processing to stv in a couple of days.