any advice on speeding up the request for approval?

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30-03-2005 13:21:08

what the title says...i sent in my request for approval on 3/21 and still nothing...ive read that people have gotten their ipods this week...i was wondering if there is anything that i can do to get this ball rolling any faster...


30-03-2005 14:29:07

No, not really. Just be patient. They approved a big batch of us last Tuesday (3/22) so maybe you'll get approved next Tuesday if not before. They seem to favor certain days for certain status changes and certain products.


30-03-2005 15:21:27

I was approved a few days after their last batch of STVs and that was on 3/8. I'm guessing the next one might not be until well into next month unless they have a bunch more left to ship out. But, don't worry you'll definitely get it before you know it.