STV 3/30 =) !!!!

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30-03-2005 11:55:45

Anyone else go STV? Any ideas when they will ship?


30-03-2005 12:01:26

when did you go processing?

i'm still waiting to get approved..


30-03-2005 12:20:42

I went processing on 3/16/2005.


30-03-2005 12:38:38

Went STV today too! 8)

Went processing on 3/25 after ten days of waiting to be approved.

Anything up on DHL yet? Not for me yet, but with my Mini Mac it wasn't on there until later in they day...



30-03-2005 12:43:09

Congrats people!

Good Times,



30-03-2005 13:12:34

I had the singular joy of being put on hold after 8 business days. I wrote them and asked to be taken off of hold. Miraculously, I was taken off of hold the next day. Now, however, I'm back on the standard "please check back after 5 business days."

I am kind of curious as to why they would need to re-review my account.


30-03-2005 13:26:08

I went STV too!!!! ordered 3/16 took only 1 day for approval!


30-03-2005 13:30:53

im still waiting for approval as well (just got my 3rd green today though P)


30-03-2005 13:55:41

Also on the STV train! Mine was approved after 4-5 days.


30-03-2005 14:02:21

how do you check DHL with out a tracking number?


30-03-2005 14:21:20

[quoted3c99b0c56="teeter024"]how do you check DHL with out a tracking number?[/quoted3c99b0c56]

Go to DHL tracking, and track by reference number (or use this link http//[]http// Use your Gratis order number under the DHL "reference number" and key in your zip code. If the order has actually been shipped, it will give you an estimated delivery date.


30-03-2005 14:22:09

I went STV today as well.


30-03-2005 15:54:51

I also went STV today. Submitted for approval on 3/28 and was approved in less than 10 minutes. Talk about timing.... lol


30-03-2005 17:15:33

Hopefully you guys'll go Shipped when Mac Minis does. Enjoy the shuffles!


30-03-2005 20:27:10

STV today too! This will be my 3rd free gratis gift. Yea!


31-03-2005 12:37:16

Also went STV today.... went processing 4 days ago..... took like 10 days to approve tho... hopefully they will be out soon


04-04-2005 08:49:51

Received my iPodShuffle before 930 this morning. Delivered on time as estimated by DHL.

Pictures are on my Proof page[=http//]my Proof page.


04-04-2005 11:24:02

[quote7bdfd884ad="no0ne2k"]Received my iPodShuffle before 930 this morning. Delivered on time as estimated by DHL.

Pictures are on my Proof page[=http//]my Proof page.[/quote7bdfd884ad]

Received mine today too. Except I called on Saturday afternoon and had them hold the package at the DHL facility. I knew nobody would be home today, so I picked it up on my lunch break. Cool little package it comes in...


04-04-2005 11:32:02

got mine today


04-04-2005 11:54:24

Yeah I got it today too, the guy must have accepted the note I left with my name signed under it


04-04-2005 14:06:18

Got mine today as well