Just finished getting all referrals, most from ebay though

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30-03-2005 10:20:14

Will I still have a chance at getting approved? I received most of my referrals around July and they were from ebay, then I just recently came back to freeipods and got another last week. Approved last saturday, and waiting for the result. Is there any chance it'll go through?


30-03-2005 10:47:30

I don't see why not. Unless eBay or someone else complains to them, Gratis wouldn't know HOW you got your referrals. But if Gratis does find out, you're probably on hold. It's a violation of their TOS to violate somebody else's TOS to get referrals, and from what I hear creating eBay listings just to post referral links is not allowed.


30-03-2005 10:51:44

I didn't do that, I just had friends sign up and bid