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30-03-2005 08:05:46

Anyone have any updates on the status of those of us who ordered the Fendi?

I feel like dust in the wind. =o/


30-03-2005 08:14:20

I'm still processing... sigh


30-03-2005 10:03:44

I've been shipped since 2/16. =o/


30-03-2005 10:08:17

Absolutely the same here...
Shipped since 2/16 - no tracking number, no nothing
Several open CS inquiries... Absolutely no response to ANY of these, no news, no nothing. I'm pissed I chose the Fendi instead of the LV or Dior...
CollidgeGraduit got shipped on 3/11 received a gift card 2 days AFTER THAT (and yeah, he ordered the Fendi)
Pretty much fucked-up)


06-04-2005 12:18:54

Jadem, PHBS, if you two want, IM me at ZX12RED, I am going to send stuff into them....maybe your guys want to send in with me too? This is total BS that they totally ignore our tickets