Sent For Approval, But........

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30-03-2005 08:04:07

i sent for approval on my freeipodshuffle account yesterday, but im moving house today and tomorrow and im not sure how long it might be till i can get back online......whats the next step and how long will it be available to me for? if i dont get online for a few days to a week and im approved can i lose anything or is there a certain amount of time to fill in my details and shit? i hope someone can help D




30-03-2005 08:27:52

The next step is where once you get approved, it will ask you to click to order your free iPodShuffle.

Approvals have been taking, on the average, 4 days... depending when you applied and when Gratis does their approvals. Some wait less time then others.


30-03-2005 09:14:21

ok cool....thanks chilly!


08-04-2005 14:23:18

ya once i got approved, i always changed the shipping address to go to my aunt's house where someone is always home )