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29-03-2005 23:35:43

hello to all, and this is my first time, I AM A NEWBIE. but i had a question. i signed up for 2 offers on TOP OFFERS PAGE 1 of 3, then i signed with 2 offers from TOP OFFERS PAGE 2 of 3, at TOP OFFERS PAGE 3 of 3 i don like the offers so can i go back i choose from page 1 and 2. can i still choose when i signed up 2 offers already? or i HAVE to choose my last 2 offers from the TOP OFFERS PAGE 3 of 3 .pleaseurl==http://=http:///url reply . thanks


29-03-2005 23:51:37

im thinking you didnt do the gratis site.... (
I sent you a PM


30-03-2005 00:00:20

oh my bad i pm ed you.