Gratis Officially Screwed me Over!

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29-03-2005 21:31:25

It's a long story, so bare with me...

I got three of my friends to sign up for me as referrals for my iPod Shuffle. They were not familiar with the way the systems works, so I did a three-way call, and explained to each just what they needed to do and how to do it. In doing so, I asked them all to use the same password when registering to make things easier on their part.

I checked back a week later, and they had all gone green. As ecstatic as I was, I placed my order, and went into processing. A few days later, I checked my status and each of the 3 referrals were denied! Reason "The accounts aren't unique."

At this point, I went straight to support, and after a few days of me trying to argue my point, was left on "hold". So, I decided to get 3 completely different referrals. This time, no same passwords or anything of that nature. All of the accounts were unique, and completely legit. [b807c44e465]Just yesterday, my last referral went green, and guess what? I can't place an order because my account is still on hold![/b807c44e465] evil

I had to contact support again, and told them that this is ridiculous, and that they can check my new referrals to see that they are completely legit. On top of that, they just got 6 offers out of me alone, and what do they have to lose for it? Absolutely nothing!

Oh, and heres the worst part [b807c44e465]They denied two of my 3 NEW referrals as well! Why? I have absolutely no idea; as I was there at each referrals house when they signed up and completed their offer![/b807c44e465] x

I'm not taking this lightly, because Gratis DEFINITELY owes me an iPod Shuffle! Unless they have appropriate reasoning behind it, what they are doing is completely unlawful; Especially by their own terms, since I made sure to follow each!

[b807c44e465]Anyone been in a similar situation, or have any suggestion? I'd appreciate ANY feedback right now![/b807c44e465] (

looser loop

29-03-2005 21:34:54

Its not a good idea telling everyone you walked your referral through the process. You deserve to be on hold. Not only did you do it the first three times, but you did it the second three. LOL


29-03-2005 21:40:05

So let me get this straight? If someone NEW comes along, and has NO IDEA how to sign up, and needs a little help with the process (and no, I didn't WALK them through the process... I simply told them about the offers because they asked), it's against the rules?

I don't Even have to argue that one! I haven't come across someone yet who hasn't helped at least ONE of their referrals sign-up under them!

By the way, I don't need you telling me what I "deserve"; especially since I have been told by more than 20 some people that Gratis OWES me a Shuffle!

looser loop

29-03-2005 21:41:25

It specifically states that you can't walk people through the process. Don't get on my ass for a mistake you made. Im just saying what it says, and voicing my opinion. O wait, am i not allowed to do that because im new?


29-03-2005 21:44:06

Its amazing how when you make a post hoping someone will provide you with "helpful" information, they come back at you and turn it into a flame post! And btw, I'll say it again, I only helped my refs because they were interested, and had no idea how to sign up! Being my close friends, I'm not going to deny them that!

looser loop

29-03-2005 21:48:04

I do't know what you want help for. Condolences? Here you go. Sorry. Hope you feel better.


29-03-2005 21:55:42

Actually, what I don't want is someone telling me that I "deserved to be placed on hold". I'm sure you could have stated your message in a more appropriate manner; such as "You aren't allowed to walk people through it." Nice way to start off on a forum!


29-03-2005 22:05:52

Having three marked as "walked through" is a problem, if it was just one, that would have been fine; well maybe. Possibly you could have argued how absurd the general hold status is for helping a person sign up and explain your situation, however i cant guarantee it'll work with your scenario.

Some might say "persistence is key" but then again that's all up to the different cs rep you get for each ticket.

How would i know? Helped a friend a while back when was around.

hope that helps.



29-03-2005 22:12:38

dam dude..

walking thru is against their terms (which i think is complete bullshit) but maybe you can get thru?

not much help we can give you -(


29-03-2005 22:16:00

Thank you vulcan! THink I should keep making an argument until something is done, or am I just fighting a lost cause?


29-03-2005 23:06:15

He is write on the walking through thing but your best bet is to be persistant...have your referrals contact gratis about their hold and keep doing it till your approved. i was on hold 4 times for the same people when i was going for my freeipod and i did get it at the end cause i didnt do anything wrong. GL


30-03-2005 09:13:22

What part of the process do people need to be walked through anyway?


30-03-2005 10:31:51

[quote4a819a47eb="coregis"]What part of the process do people need to be walked through anyway?[/quote4a819a47eb]
There are some ppl out there that would be more than willing to sign up for an offer that are not as computer savvy as some of us out here.

The term "walking through" defined by Gratis et. al. is much different than I see a "walking through". I see helping someone do it right as more tech support and ensuring they complete the offer so that it credits as being an ok thing to do.

Say you have someone who is willing to do an offer for you, but they are not that computer savvy. I see no problem is helping them, whether it's in person or over the phone, sign up and complete an offer.

The rule of thumb should be this do not use the same computer to sign up as your friend. Not everyone knows this, but that's what reading the TOS is for. I read it before I signed up last year and it helped. Coming to these boards helped a lot in understanding how this whole thing worked.

I've done offers for free stuff before Gratis came on board (MyPoints is a big one for that) and I had to read their TOS before hand so I knew what I could and couldn't do in getting credit for my offers.

Gratis and these other freebie sites are somewhat different, but knowing what to do and what you can and can't do, helps a lot.


30-03-2005 12:27:33

The problem is probably that you contacted Gratis first. Which probably confirmed their belief that these people weren't unique or that they were "Walked through." If each of those people explained their case individually, then they could have more to go by to resolve the issue.

The trick is we need 3 people to sign up for freeipodshuffle and pursue one on their own. Not 3 people to sign up so we can get a shuffle.

That's why they have their T&C the way they do.

If someone signs up, completes an offer, and then doesn't contact Gratis when there's a problem, Gratis can only assume that person is not interested in a free iPod. Then when they find out the refer all link they used was used by 2 other people who also seem to have no interest, they get skeptical with the referrer. Then they see all 3 people have the same password, even further skeptical. And then, they get contacted by the referrer, I think the coffin is nailed shut.

Either way, if those 3 are genuinely interested in gratis, they should be so, try to fix their own problem, and try to get referrals. If they were only doing to help you and help you only and aren't willing to do any more than what they already did, then, I don't think there's any advice for that scenario.

I'm sorry to hear that it went down that way. Good luck dude.


30-03-2005 13:36:21

i think walking through means to gratis telling your refs to do a specific offer.


30-03-2005 17:05:17

Thank you SO much for the support and feedback! I think the problem is in fact that I jumped to contact support before any of my referrals did. As a matter of fact, I asked my friend to check his status today (and he IS wanting to complete 3 refs as well for a Shuffle), and once he saw his account on hold, he contacted support.

The reason for his account being on hold "Your referrals are not unique"... only problem is, he doesn't have any referrals yet! P

This pretty much confirms what breslijo said about my refs not having contacted support, when I did. Although, I am pretty certain that if I, as well as my refs contact support and explain all sides, I should get my Shuffle in due time...

I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on this! Again, I REALLY appreciate it. You guys are the greatest! D


31-03-2005 16:06:25

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Alright, NOW I'm happy! lol


31-03-2005 16:10:25

[quotee960adb9f3="Stroid"]He is write on the walking through thing but your best bet is to be persistant...have your referrals contact gratis about their hold and keep doing it till your approved. i was on hold 4 times for the same people when i was going for my freeipod and i did get it at the end cause i didnt do anything wrong. GL[/quotee960adb9f3]

Stroid, when you said you were on hold 4 times before, was there anything specific that you said which made them re-consider you?


02-04-2005 00:09:31

I read your entire post and heres my recommendation. Your on hold now, thats a given so quit complaining about it and deal with it. That may sound a bit harsh but is complaining really going to do anything at this stage? As many have already pointed out presistances is the key, keep talking to Gratis, BUT do NOT talk to them in the manner you have just show us in your first post, Gratis (if you read their rules) does NOT owe you anything. They are not legally required to give you anything. Im sorry to say you did break their rules, but work with them and see if you can get it resolved and then you can get some unique referrals.

FYI You may thing Gratis gains money by you completing the 3 referrals but im going to tell you everytime they send out a gift they lose money. The higher the referral amount the more they lose, so thats why they are all caught up on the "scamming" part.


02-04-2005 22:26:49

I understand... thank you for for the comment. I think I will just keep trying and hope for the best.

BTW, I have figured out what it really is that put my account on hold. It's the fact that 2 of my 3 new referrals registered under the same password. As I said earlier, I asked them to use "free(sitesname)" as the password. EX. "freeipods" for

Also, I do understand that I put myself in this position, but of course, I will hope for the best and continue trying until I can no longer try.

Either way, I'm happy to say I learned from my mistake! )