We may be 3 to 4 weeks off

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29-03-2005 13:30:16

3/29/2005 41319 PM
customer service wrote
They will ship within three to four weeks. Thank you for your continued patience.

3/28/2005 40521 PM
customer service wrote
We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

3/28/2005 40521 PM
@hotmail.com wrote
I was just wondering if there was any idea when these will ship. Any info would be great. Thanks for your time.

SWEEEET Im going to get mine before all my friends and Ill avoid shortages. Thanks again Gratis !!!!

Mr Sofa Sets

29-03-2005 13:31:51

WHAT! That is utterly ridiculous and I'm not joking around here. When were you approved? Maybe they just meant your batch of PSPs if you were approved later. I've been procesing for over a month already.


29-03-2005 13:34:01

Also on the 25th. Makes me mad also. evil

Mr Sofa Sets

29-03-2005 13:37:40

[quotef4dee8e94c="Mx34u"]Also on the 25th. Makes me mad also. evil[/quotef4dee8e94c]

The 25th of February?! OMG, that really is ridiculous. I'm gonna have to cancel and re-order it because I'm moving soon. What a pain in the ass, why would they make up all that BS about having a ton pre-ordered and gettting them before your friends.


29-03-2005 13:41:48

I think you just ruined alot of peoples day....even their week, maybe their month!

I saw some guy playing a PSP on campus today and it made me want mine even more! This really is ridiculous....they shouldnt have given us false hopes


29-03-2005 13:43:06

Yes the 25th of February. shock I wanted to cry when I saw the response from the ticket.


29-03-2005 13:44:16

Maybe the rep that answered my ticket was having a bad day. We can hope maybe it will ship sooner.


29-03-2005 13:50:00

... what the? Fortunately I'm not absolutely dying for a PSP, but 3-4 weeks does seem like a damn long time. To be fair though, it does say "within" and not "in", so that may an overestimated projection. Fortunately I'll be having my GBA SP and my (hopefully soon to get done) DS to tide me over until then.

And at least they told you instead of just letting you sit and wait.


29-03-2005 13:55:50

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr evil


29-03-2005 13:56:30

I think we should all e-mail Gratis directly from the website and let then know how we feel and that they need to be upfront with us. I don't really mind getting it late (I still haven't been approved) I just don't like the fact that if this is true (shipping in 2-3 weeks) then they flat out lied to us on their website.

P.S. It kinda also compares to the ordeal that alot of ppl are going thru right now with freehandbags.com I helped my sister get one more then a month ago. They even went as far as having her status changed from "Shipped" back to "STV" and there has been no line of communication since then.


29-03-2005 13:58:48

dang... 3 - 4 weeks? sucks.... How about for the people that havent even requested for approval yet? Hopefully Gratis have a lot of PSP ready for shipment


29-03-2005 13:59:50

I'll say it again, that anybody that thought, with Gratis' track record, that they would have any orders out the day of, or a few days after the release of the PSP, was deluding themself. Just the fact that nobody was STV even a week before the release date should have been a tip off.

I don't know how they can pretend that there was some massive "pre order" bunch when nobody will be receiving the PSP for over a month after the release. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would consider that a satisfactory definition of a "pre order."

It's sad that Gratis continues to find ways to make the skeptics who believe these sites are scams feel validated. I don't want to hear any "Hey shut up its free" talk either, because especially this time, they appear to have outright violated their advertising by claiming that you'd have a preordered PSP if you got the requirements done fast enough.


29-03-2005 14:05:21

and, I'd like to add, it is incredibly insulting for Gratis to post crap like the newest post they have on their home page, which just talks about how great and popular the PSP is, without providing any information about shipping times, the delays, their apparant deception, etc.

if anyone hasn't seen it, its at www.gratisnetwork.com


29-03-2005 14:06:03

i agree with you for once willie

Mr Sofa Sets

29-03-2005 14:23:19

[quotee19e475351="abrock124"]i agree with you for once willie[/quotee19e475351]

Me too for once, lol. If you look at my earlier posts, you will see that I have been prepared for this, and trying to prepare others as well. As soon as we werent STV by the 20th of March I knw there would be a delay, but I would never have expected a month. I never would have expected them to lie like they seem to have done. Luckily, I am also done with PSPs4Free and they told me I would ship this week. Thank god for OfferCentric! Damn you again Gratis!


29-03-2005 14:26:19

This makes me a sad panda.


29-03-2005 14:27:34

damn...i should try PSPs4free now!!... can i ask my referral to do that site too? but with different offers?


29-03-2005 14:43:10

What's pathetic about all these lies and deception, is that I still thought, "well at least he got a response from customer service for HIS question." I've had nothing but silence regarding the three freegamingsystems.com inquiries that I've submitted over the course of the last two weeks.


29-03-2005 14:47:42

I think I'm gonna stick with OC and other sites from now on unless they shape up. I mean really, between this and the recent freegamingsystems problems it's pretty irritating.


29-03-2005 15:33:38

any chance we might be able to get some kind of validation for Gratis lack of CS in the account issues section?


29-03-2005 16:16:22

Ok, right now I am really pissed. I also asked their customer support when the freepsps will ship. I was approved 3/2 by the way. Here is their response

The PSPs will be shipped out in about 3 to 4 weeks. Your account has been approved, so please do not fret, we will be shipping you your free PSP that you have earned. Thank you for your continued patience in this matter.


29-03-2005 16:17:36

Yeah, that's not too cool of Gratis. They said they preordered a ton, but I guess they got stuck with some delays.


29-03-2005 16:39:05

gratis really needs to shape up because im getting tired of it also. ive been stuck processing on freeflatscreens.com for 2 weeks now, soon to be 3. i wonder if OC shipped out their psps for people who finished psps4free.com.


29-03-2005 16:43:54

Exactly EASportsEA. Gratis seems to be getting slow. It took me 3 weeks on MiniMacs after 2 weeks of processing, PSPs is terribly slow, GamingSystems hasn't shipped correctly yet, and some other Gratis sites are having the same problem. OC shipped their PSPs on Friday for people who finished, and most people received them on Monday.

Mr Sofa Sets

29-03-2005 19:09:50

OfferCentric told me that I should be approved by the middle of this week. If I know OC then I'll have my PSP no more than 5 days later. I LOVE those guys.


29-03-2005 19:11:23

Argh. I'm going to go buy it off ebay when I get paid on Friday and then sell the one I get from Gratis.


29-03-2005 19:20:15

OC got theirs already? ARGHHH. gratis being slow is one thing but gratis lying to us is another. "we preordered a ton of psps" my ass.


29-03-2005 20:13:56

[quote68ed4fdad1="CronoDekar"]... what the? Fortunately I'm not absolutely dying for a PSP, but 3-4 weeks does seem like a damn long time. To be fair though, it does say "within" and not "in", so that may an overestimated projection. Fortunately I'll be having my GBA SP and my (hopefully soon to get done) DS to tide me over until then.

And at least they told you instead of just letting you sit and wait.[/quote68ed4fdad1]

the ds sux after you get a psp, i'm not joking. Haven't touched the stupid thing since lol, maybe if they'd make games for people over the age of 5 for it it would be fun....


29-03-2005 20:52:15

Dunno, there's not a lot of games right now that interest me on either system -- prolly Lumines is what I'm going to be most into. Might give Metal Gear Acid or Wipeout a rental, maybe Yoshi's Touch & Go. Warioware Touched would be nice but I hear it's rather short.


29-03-2005 21:06:24

wario ware is short and ridge racers for psp is awesome! btw I'm not some sony fanboy lol i hate ps2 and ps1