How Long Did You Have To Wait?

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29-03-2005 12:54:28

How long did it take you guys to get your iPods? Did you pay anyone? Trade? Get people online to sign up or people you know in person? When?


29-03-2005 13:12:23

So far from start to my status saying shipped it has taken me 29 days. The day I signed up I was able to get 3 out five people signed up. It took me two more days to get the rest. The first three people were co-workers so it was easy to talk to them. The other two came from friends that I have known for years. I provided a bunch of information about how this site works in an email (I think I described that email to you in another topic, if not pm me and I can send it to you if you like.) Other than that it seemed to be pretty easy and fairly fast, considering it is a free $300 toy! Judging by everyone else I would say that things went about as quick as it can with my account, there may however, have been a few out there that went through quicker. All in all I think that I just happen to finish each step at just the right time to move onto the next, i.e. approval to STV.

Good luck to you!


29-03-2005 13:26:44

Thanks...well... I will try to explaint osme people how it works and also talk to them about things like the press reports and such... thanks again


29-03-2005 13:57:11

I had a similar experience. I belong to a mature gaming group (we don't like to call ourselves a "clan") and I made a post on our message board describing the process and including several respectable news source links to prove that it was for real. I had 6 yellows within 2 days, and 5 greens within 2 weeks (only because one referral got messed up and he had to complete another offer).

I don't remember what day I joined, it was sometime in late February, but what I do remember

5th green and submitted for approval 3/11
Approved 3/22
STV 3/28
Shipped 3/29


29-03-2005 14:05:54

i see, well... im the gaming organization that i am in, i got 23 yellows in 5 days but 0 greens! crazy! maybe they still dont beleive me


29-03-2005 14:49:58

I have my timeframe in my signature, but as for referrals I got

1. my grandma
2. a friend from my college
3. a friend from a different chapter of my sorority
4. a random person who must have come across my link (i posted it in my aim profile and on the "friends only" page of my livejournal)
5. my boyfriend


I find that it's a lot easier to get referrals from people you know. good luck!