Impossible Or What?

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29-03-2005 07:26:47

I mean... come on guys, almost everyone that actually believes that this works.... has already gotten a free ipod! Its not easy to get someone to sign up for my referral link thing. Is there ANY way to get people to do it on-line without paying them? Trading doesn't seem to work since everyone who trades already has one.... from gratis at least....

So, lets say I were to convince some people [not on-line] I know right? Do you guys have ANY tips that i could use to get them to sign up?

thomas moore

29-03-2005 08:20:57

tangible proof is the most convincing, its suggested to do the shuffle first only three referrals then show that item that free item to convince people, its a legitimate company with results. roll


29-03-2005 08:25:02

This is what I did. I sent out an email to all of my friends and family. In the email I had links to online videos about I also quoted printed articles in magazines talking about the subject. I have found that if you present all of the information that you can to your potential referrals you have a much better chance of getting them to sign up. You have to sell the idea to people by taking the guess work out of it for them. Make it easy for them to learn about it, people are lazy. If you don't give them the information about it then they are probably not going to look it up themselves.

Hope that helps!


29-03-2005 08:27:35

IT does! well, i have about 20 people signed up for my but none of them are green. i have sent emails asking them to complete an offer... let me try another and hope it works -P


29-03-2005 14:53:20

show them some leg.

and some butt..


thomas moore

29-03-2005 20:10:46

you know hes a dude right chex? oops


29-03-2005 20:21:54

[quote8c68489cc0="thomas moore"]you know hes a dude right chex? oops[/quote8c68489cc0]

what if hes a pimp though? wink

errr, that kinda gross shock


30-03-2005 13:03:27

I am starting to think the only people who get free ipods are those who build websites and get them on on google. I dont have enough friends to get as much free stuff as some of these people are getting if they all signed up for one. lol

The Ipod Shuffle one does not work in Canada, only will right now. From what I hear almost everybody has already signed up there so its going to be really hard. Any tips guys? I could build a website but since there are already so many it would almost be impossible to get it on the top of google. lol