Multiple fax lines

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28-03-2005 21:02:01

Heres an interesting situation

Suppose you have more than one fax line in your household. Can you sign up for eFax more than once. If so, can you get credit for both, meaning two from one place?

It'd be pretty nice if it were so.


29-03-2005 05:01:42

I thought the whole point of eFax is so you don't NEED a fax line at all? It's all done through the internet. You send faxes by e-mailing or uploading documents to them, and they issue you a fax number to give out to receive faxes, which they e-mail or otherwise send back to you.

Or am I completely wrong?


29-03-2005 05:11:13

dmorris is right -- eFax gives you your own online fax number.


29-03-2005 05:38:50

But if you have two fax lines at home, generally, people do so because they need two different fax lines.

Couldn't you, then, argue that you need two eFax accounts for two lines?


29-03-2005 05:59:41

Although I'm not sure why someone would NEED more than one fax line at home, I'm sure, for a fee, eFax will set you up as many as you need under one account. I don't know if you can sign up for separate accounts at one address, though -- you'd have to contact eFax and ask.